Thomas Bernhard Thiis-Evensen

An existential approach to user insight

An existential approach to user insight: How to truly understand human needs

Thomas Bernhard Thiis-Evensen is a philosophical practitioner, working with existential dialogues one on one and with groups in Diakonhjemmet Dialog and Oslo Psykologsenter. He is professionally trained to facilitate the thinking of groups focusing on significant, but problematic, concepts: The kind of concepts used not only for everyday thinking and communication, but also as a basis for grounded and ethical action.

Understanding someone else's needs is of course fundamental for good design. At Change by Design, Thomas Bernhard will facilitate intensive workshops for small groups to explore “ultimate concerns” as basic needs, and experience the dictum that existentially understanding oneself is a premise for deep understanding of anything else.

Diakonhjemmet Dialog is currently designing a new model for “Health promoting group conversations with elderly focusing on quality of life and experiential existential concerns“. The project is innovative by: designing a course and a manual based on the joint forces of Motivational interviewing, Existential groups, an Socratic Dialogue; training facilitators and testing with group participants in the field; evaluating experiences and effects of group sessions focusing on the existential.

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