You have two choices

You have two choices in sustainability: Either you take care of your own mess, or you earn money on other people’s mess.

Historically business has either looked at their own negative footprint or their reputation when they talk about sustainability. Today it is not an option anymore; Responsible companies seek responsible value chains.

The companies have to change, you have to change, we all have to change. It is time to design the solutions to others problems, to prevent future problems.

In order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals before 2030, we will need specific sustainable solutions on social and environmental problems.

Like an electrical car producer solves the pollution problem of car drivers, you should ask yourself the question: Which sustainability problem should I solve to earn money?

Kim N. Gabrielli is the Executive Director of UN Global Compact Norway. The UN organization for sustainable business and the largest sustainable corporate initiative in the world with 10,000 companies as members globally.

Gabrielli was formerly the Deputy Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF Norway, and has longstanding experience in the field of sustainability, business and global value chains.

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