Frøya Thue, Bendik W. Hegna and Paulina Buvinic

Designing for end of life conversations

Designing for end of life conversations

Who would you trust to speak for you the day you can’t speak for yourself? “Still in control” is a project exploring the benefits of elderly patients and their families having conversations about quality of life, to overcome future changes and challenges. The project was developed by service design master studentsfrom The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in collaboration withAkershus University Hospital (Ahus).

Frøya Thue is in her final year at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), where she specialises in service design. While working on her Master’s, she has worked with clients such as Hurtigruten, Ahus and Orkla. This summer she did an internship at Making Waves working with Visit Norway.

Paulina Buvinic has a graphic design degree from Pontifica Universidad Católica deValparaíso in Chile, and is currently completing Master of Design at The OsloSchool of Architecture and Design (AHO), with a specialisation in Service Design and Systems Oriented Design. Before moving to Norway, she worked in Laboratoriode Gobierno, an inter-ministerial initiative of the Chilean Government that seeks to develop, facilitate and promote innovation processes within the public sector.

Bendik Westlund Hegna is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Quality Improvement, Leadership and Health Economics from the University of Bergen. Bendik is an experienced hospital nurse and leader, and has held various positions in the hospital sector the last 15 years. From 2009 to 2013 he was in charge of the nursing staff in the largest hospital Emergency Department in Norway, and in 2013 he lead the process of establishing a new Department for Geriatric Patients at Akershus University Hospital. Bendik is currently developing Centre for Elderly Medicine at Akershus University Hospital. The Centre is described as one of four strategic elements in the long-term plan for development of the hospital trust (Utviklingsplan 2035). The establishment of Centre for Elderly Medicine aims to build a highly competent, interdisciplinary and coordinated service for the elderly patient.

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