Accidental change by design

The applications in the Varsom-family was created in an attempt to reduce the number of casualties in avalanche incidents in Norway. Since the birth of the digital platform in 2013, the scope has evolved from dealing just with avalanche danger, to include many land based natural hazards such as flooding, landslides, heavy rain, lake ice thickness, forest fires and wind.

The key component in the Varsom-platform is shared data, not just between different governmental agencies, but also crowdsourcing data from the public. The varsom-platform is the result of cooperation between The Norwegian WaterResources and Energy Directorate (NVE), The Norwegian Public RoadsAdministration (SVV) and The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET).

Erik RoseJohnsen is web editor at NVE, and project manager for varsom.no, and will explain how slightly big ideas, accidental service design and dedicated people actually can save peoples life.

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