Camilla Stolp & Johnny Advocaat-Vedvik

Senior Advisor OUS / Senior Manager EY

Effect today, defect tomorrow - How to avoid the pitfalls?

When you see or experience poor services, you have a choice: you can keep quiet or let them know. When employees see services not functioning or perceived poorly from a patient's perspective, they also have a choice: seal or improve.

When services are to be improved, one often has to prioritize between insight work, solution development, implementation and the permanent structures. What problems and projects are prioritized and what effects are actually realized are the consequences of a number of conscious or unconscious choices from employees and managers.

Special advisor Camilla Stolp from the Innovation Department at Oslo University Hospital and Johnny Advocaat-Vedvik from EY will present research and examples from the health service that show why some change projects succeed and others nurture learning. How do you work with change in an industry where you never quite know how change will affect the lives of others and where the conditions for today's success do not exist tomorrow? They will give perspectives on what should happen before a project is started, both the conditions for problems to be talked about and prioritized. They will also provide examples of how to work before, during and after projects to make the improvements last and continue.

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