Climate, health and Norwegian raw materials: How can design contribute to making the right choices?

The global diet of today, with increasing meat consumption, is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions and loss of biodiversity. Switching to a diet consisting of more healthy plants would benefit the environment and contribute to better health and food security. Norway is already a producer of nutritious plant based food, and has the potential to produce more, if demand increases. But many consumers are not aware of the impact of their diets, and even those who want to reduce their meat consumption for environmental and health reasons, find it difficult to change their habits. Design is an important contributor for facilitating collective efforts towards innovative solutions to meet these challenges. Design may also serve as an important tool for creating services and products that lead consumers towards more sustainable food choices.

Anna from NIBIO and Jonathan from Halogen are both involved in the FoodProFuture project. The aim of the project is to develop a knowledge platform for turning raw materials from plants into tasty, healthy and attractive food products full of protein.

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