Catching Feelings: Exploring Community & Natural Disasters

How do civilians respond during a natural disaster? Amidst tragedy and destruction, what social goods can be brought forward in the aftermath?

“Catching Feelings” is a project exploring how to sustain feelings of community and solidarity after the emergency phase of a natural disaster is over. Using the civilian response to the September 2017 Mexico City earthquake as a case study, and based on interviews and field research conducted in Mexico City, the project explores the relationship between natural disasters, civil society and storytelling.

Amelie Dinh is currently completing her Masters of Design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), focusing on Interaction and Service Design. Amelie has a degree in Political Science, Philosophy and Business Management from McGill University in Montreal. Before moving to Norway, she worked as a producer and experience designer. She developed this project during her 2018 Blank Summer Scholarship.

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