Designers and decision makers make choices every single day, many of them life changing.

Do we choose responsibly? Ethically? Do we choose with compassion?


Kulturhuset, Oslo

We fill Oslo's most vibrant location with talks, presentations, and entertainment on four stages.

Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo

Thursday 28 November

Doors open at 10:30. Welcome speech at 11:30. Party at 18:00.



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Change by Design 2019: Choices

Climate crisis, migration crisis, unsustainable cities and polluted oceans. These phenomena didn't just happen - they are results of choices. Even if designers and decision makers aim to create sustainable products, efficient public services, safe systems and ambitious policies, things are not going the right way. Are we solving the wrong problems?

At Change by Design 2019, we want to discuss the choices we make every day. What power do we have to improve our surroundings? How can design, designers and design buyers be part of the solution to the all too well-known 21st century problems?

Change by Design is a celebration of modern design as a profession, craft and paradigm. The conference welcomes designers, entrepreneurs, business managers, politicians and everyone else who are curious about how design methodology can help decision makers develop products, services, processes, systems or enterprises for the future.

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